Local Tutors

St. Joe County ISD Tutor list

Here is a list of tutors supplied by the St. Joseph County ISD office. If you feel your child needs a little extra help with a subject or two, please look through this tutor list and see what might work for you!

If you have questions about tutoring, please call Becky Blair at the ISD at 269-467-5348.

Neither the ISD or the Sturgis Public Schools arranges tutoring, nor do we endorse any person. If a parent or teacher chooses to hire a tutor from this list, they should contact the tutor directly. We suggest the parent or teacher ask each person about his/her background and teaching experience. 
Alternatively, if you want to get to this list directly from the ISD's website, please follow these directions:

1.  Go to www.sjcisd.org
2.  Click on the header "Resources"
3.  In the drop down menu, click on "Parents Resources"
4.  On the right hand side, click on "Tutor List"
5.  In the center of the page, click on "Tutor List"
6.  The date on the upper right hand corner of the page shows when the tutor list was last updated
7.  You can choose to view this list or print your own copy