Literacy Grant
Literacy Grant
Posted on 06/13/2024
Sturgis Public Schools is excited to announce that we applied and were selected to receive a grant from the State of Michigan to improve literacy instructional practices by investing in quality, research-based best practices, and professional learning. The funds ($414,050 in total) from the literacy grant will be used to support Kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) teachers and classrooms throughout the school district in the following ways:

Classroom Libraries
$103,500 for items that will allow more robust K-5 classroom libraries to be built. Examples include: Book shelves, book bins, and other classroom library materials.

Classroom Texts
$255,300 for books to be placed in our expanded K-5 classroom libraries.

Professional Development
$55,250 for K-5 teachers focused on establishing and utilizing robust classroom libraries.