Wrestling Skin Infections
Wrestling is a unique sport in which skin infections can become very common or often more seen in this sport than others. Below you will find MHSAA's skin form link, and common skin infections to be aware of.

MHSAA Link for skin form clearance:


Common Skin Infections:

MRSA- methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. Is a pimple like appearance and the skin around it can be warm to touch and painful. Please seek medical treatment immediately

Folliculitis- is an infection of the hair follicle (area in which the hair grows from skin). Appears as boils either red or white and tender to touch which if a cluster can collect and drain pus.
Bacterial Infection.

Tinea Corporis/Capitis(Ringworm)- Typically in a circular formation with a red, elevated and scaly boarder. 
Fungal Infection.

Impetigo Contagiosa- Can appear as raw skin with yellowish-brown pus/crust around site.
Bacterial Infection.

Herpes Simplex (Gladiatorum)- Can appear to be in clusters of vesicles (blisters) filled with fluid and a dark red around boarder of vesicle.
Viral Infection.

Molluscum Contagiosum-  Can appear as slight pink or flesh color in the form of papules (small round elevation of skin).
Viral Infection.