Concussion Protocol


If a student athlete shows signs and symptoms of a concussion the athlete will be referred to the nearest medical facility. The Athletic Trainer will try to complete a post-concussion test before referral, however, this will be completed in stage 4 of return to competition. We will send the student athlete with a form: “Return to Activity & Post-Concussion Consent Form” must be filled out by Physician and guardian and returned back to the Athletic Trainer.

IF diagnosed with a concussion, and the  “Return to Activity & Post-Concussion Consent Form” is signed, the Athletic Trainer will put the student athlete through the return to learn and return to competition stages.

When the student athlete progresses to stage 4 of return to competition we will want the guardians of the student athlete to take the athlete be seen by a Physician to have the Physician sign “Return to Activity & Post-Concussion Consent Form” again. Guardians will sign this paper as well. We have the Physician sign this form again due to the nature of placing the student athlete back into full competition.

If an athlete with a concussion or is pulled due to symptoms of a concussion and participates in a contest/practice the event in which they enter is forfeited.

Progression of each step will be a 24 hour minimum. ONLY one step per day.

Concussion Management for Students of Sturgis Public Schools

  • Return to Learn: Student athletes must demonstrate the capabilities to function through a 7 block day at school symptom free prior to returning to physical activity, and progressing to the 5 steps of return to competition.

*** Teachers will be notified that the student athlete must have academic accommodations during the healing process. ***

Return to Learn: Each progress will have a minimum of 24 hours in between each step. This is due to if a student athlete shows symptoms later in the day, as well as, in accordance to NATA policy.

  1. First day after concussion- DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL

  2. Attend school for blocks 1-3

  3. Attend a full day of school

If any signs or symptoms appear the student athlete will be sent home, and we'll restart the process at Stage 2 of Return to Learn.

The Return to Learn will NOT begin until the student athlete has NO signs or symptoms. This will vary due to the degree of the concussion and athlete.

  • Return to Competition: Student athletes must demonstrate that they can progress through all five stages with no symptoms of a concussion in order to be released for full competition. Student athletes must have completed Return to Learn.

  • If signs & symptoms appear during the Return to Activity/Competition stages they will begin back at Stage 1 of Return to Activity/Competition in addition to attending a full day of school.

*** 24 hour period in between each step***

  1. Light aerobic exercise

  2. Speed & agility, sports specific drills

  3. Non- contact sports specific drills, and weight training

  4. Post-concussion test, non-contact sports specific drills, and weight training

  5. Introduction to full non-contact practice

*** If no symptoms occur and released they will be released to full competition ***

All activities and time limit for each step are under the direction and supervision of the Licensed Athletic Trainer.


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