Sturgis has a long and proud tradition of teaching and learning. This tradition started in 1830 when the first public school classes were conducted in the upper room of Philip Buck's log house. The teacher was Dr. Henry, the town's first physician. To learn more, visit History of Sturgis Public Schools.

Sturgis Public Schools has had 14 superintendents, starting with H.M Huycke in 1892, and their names and years of service are listed below. To learn more, visit History of Sturgis Superintendents.

H.M. Huycke 1892-1895
L.W. Leisenring 1895-1900
L.G. Holbrook 1900-1901
E.L. Bower 1901-1909
Carl M. Fenner 1909-1933
Waldo L. Adams 1933-1940
Paul Winger 1940-1952
Elwyn J. Bodley 1952-1957
Warren Fudge 1957-1974
Dr. Larry McConnel 1974-1992
Lyle "Skip" Sisson 1992-1998
Robert Olsen 1998-2011
Dr. Thomas Langdon 2011-2018
Dr. Arthur Ebert 2018-Present