Concussion Education
How Concussions Affect Students Academically

Concussion and Athletic Trainers

Here are some signs and symptoms of a concussion to look for:
headache, impaired memory, lack of concentration, mood swings, visual impairment, lack of appetite, fatigue, & sensitivity to light.

Other Injuries that can occur after a concussion and cause future damage

Cerebral Contusion typically affects only the cortex, or cerebellum. Results from a direct impact which may result in a loss of conscience or cause the individual to become very alert and talkative.

Postconcussion Syndrome is still being more researched but is known as the symptoms and follow the concussion that that specific individual experiences.

Second Impact Syndrome is defined as, "rapid swelling and herniation of the brain after a second head injury that occurs before the symptoms of a previous head injury have resolved" (Prentice 801).
Second impact syndrome can lead to increased swelling on the brain increasing the pressure which can lead to a herniation within the structures.

Preston Plevretes' Story

Please look up Preston's story on YouTube. This video describes the importance of reporting a concussion. If not reported you could suffer Second Impact Syndrome. Please watch the story of Preston Plevretes.