Board of Education

SPS Board of Education

L to R: Scott Boland, Kerri Millett, Gwen Donmyer, Paul Gorsuch, Scott Swihart, Emily Halling, Ann Bird

Sturgis Public Schools 2020-2021 Board of Education

Scott Boland 
Scott Boland - President

Scott Swihart 
Scott Swihart - Vice President

Emily Halling 
Emily Halling - Secretary

Kerri Millett 
Kerri Millett - Treasurer

Ann Bird 
Ann Bird - Trustee

Gwen Donmyer 
Gwen Donmyer - Trustee

Paul Gorsuch 
Paul Gorsuch - Trustee

Board of Education Policy
To view the Sturgis Public Schools Board of Education Policy online please click here

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