Payment Options


Parents may prepay for school meals for the month, week, or day.  Visit Meal Magic to login (or create an account for first time users).  Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete payment.  Elementary, Middle and High School students will use their Student ID #'s as their Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).  Parents are encouraged to prepay for their child’s meal so they always have money available. There is no "convenience fee" for e-checks. This system is easy to use, convenient, private, and secure.

Middle School and High School parents please notify Food Service if you DO NOT want your student to purchase a la carte' or other items from their account.


Please make checks payable to "Sturgis Public Schools" or "Food Services".  

When paying by check, please be sure to write your student’s I.D. # or name in the memo section of the check. When paying for more than one student, please put all names on the envelope or the memo on the check. If you state “Family Deposit” it will be split evenly among all students.   

Be sure the student bringing in the check has the earliest lunch period of your students.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) 
Sturgis Public Schools will charge $25.00 for every NSF check the district receives. This charge is to be collected in addition to the amount of the check that was originally issued to Sturgis Public Schools. The fee is to offset the expense the district incurs when such a check is received.


Please use extra caution when sending your child to school with cash. Please seal the money in an envelope and label with child's name and teacher or "lunch money." Sturgis Public Schools is not responsible for lunch money that is lost or stolen. 


Balances from the previous year remain in the student account and are moved to the new school as they progress.


  • Middle School and High School may charge one lunch.
  • When a student has reached the charge limit allowed and have forgotten their lunch money, they will be given a peanut butter sandwich and milk if no one can be contacted at home.
  • When you pay off your current charge balance, you will be allowed to charge again if needed.
  • Remind your child/children not to share their personal identification number (PIN) with friends
  • Printed summary of your child’s account is available by contacting the Food Services office at (269) 659-1545 or by visiting and setting up an account.

Meal account refunds can be requested by e-mailing the following information to [email protected] or by sending a written request in with the student. 

  • Student name
  • Student ID #
  • School Name
  • Parent Name

 Refunds will not be made without parent/guardian consent.