PowerSchool Contacts Clean Up
Sturgis Public Schools has utilized PowerSchool to post student grades, attendance, and class schedules for years. Additionally, PowerSchool houses contact for each parent, guardian, and emergency contact information for each student. This information feeds into various software platforms such as SchoolMessenger used to send communications to parents, Raptor used for emergency response, Illuminate Special Education used to create Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Performance Matters used to deliver student assessments, and much more. Due to this connectedness, it is imperative that we have accurate and clean data in PowerSchool. To accomplish this, we have a team of dedicated staff members that will be working over the Summer and calling every family throughout the district. The calls will last anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on how much data needs to be cleaned up, and will result in vastly improved communications and effectiveness throughout all of our software systems. 

Data that will be cleaned includes:
Email addresses
Phone numbers*
Home/mailing addresses
Emergency contacts
ParentPortal data access
Removing old and/or redundant data
Checkboxes that inform other software programs to pull data

*Every phone number will be coded (mobile, home, or work). Additionally, if you have multiple phone numbers, we will order them based on whether the number is a primary or a secondary number. This process will ensure that our system calls the number that you want us to call for events like snow days.

Please Note: Some changes will require further documentation (e.g. changing a student's address or changing custody status).

What should I do if I do not receive a phone call from the school?
We will be reaching out to you, so there is nothing that you need to do until you get a call from us sometime during the months of June, July, or August. Our goal is to have the project complete by August 15, 2024. If you don't receive a call by August 15th, please reach out to one of our school buildings and ask to talk with the secretary that oversees enrollments.