Mission Statement
Mission Statement

It is the mission of Sturgis High School Sports Medicine department to offer the highest quality secondary school setting athletic injury care possible.  Sturgis Public School employs two Licensed Athletic Trainers that provide evidence based care using best practices to ensure the athletes are provided with outstanding athletic injury care and prevention.

Why to have an athletic trainer

You maybe asking, what is an Athletic Trainer?

Defined by the NATA, an Athletic Trainer, is a licensed health care professional who collaborates with physicians to provide preventive services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Athletic Trainers are specialized in the muscloskeletal system and sport's specific injuries.

Some Aspects of what an Athletic Trainer manages:
-Preventive rehabilitation, injury management, and rehabilitation for specific injuries
-Insurance claim forms, accident forms etc.
-Injury management and documentation
-Design Emergency Action Plans
-AED maintenance
-Athletic Training Clinic supplies, and equipment  
- etc.

Current Laws:
  • Concussion Law: Into effect on June 30th, 2013 that all coaches, employees and any other volunteers go through concussion awareness training. Athletes who sustain a concussion must be removed that day from activity and be given written clearance to return. At Sturgis High School we place the athlete in the concussion protocol that begins with Return to Learn, and then Return to Competition.

Must be documented by using the Michigan High School Athletic Association form, if not in a high school you can use the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services form. Must go through Concussion Protocol.

  • Heat Index Law: Heat index is the reading of dry (air) temperature, radiation of the suns rays, and in addition to the humidity. With all readings together it gives you the heat index.
Must be read and documented for the safety of all involved (MHSAA).