Viceroy (Suspension Avoidance) Program
What do you mean by Suspension Avoidance Program?
Starting in the 2024-2025 School Year, all Out-of-School and In-School Suspensions throughout Sturgis Public Schools that are one or more days in duration will attend the Viceroy (Suspension Avoidance) Program instead of being sent home or going to In-School Suspension for the assigned day(s).

(1) not all students mind getting sent home and (2) the Viceroy (Suspension Avoidance) Program will be designed to ensure that students stay on-top of school work; engage in a meaningful consequence; and reflect, learn, set goals, and leave with a behavior and/or safety plan.

What is a Viceroy?
Viceroy Butterflies are native to Michigan and transform into beautiful butterflies that look similar to Monarch Butterflies. We selected this name for the program, because the program is designed to support positive change.

Where will the program be located at?
The Viceroy (Suspension Avoidance) Program will be located at Sturgis Central Commons (107 W. West Street), and students will attend for the days that they normally would be assigned an Out-of-School or In-School Suspension.

What will a student's day look like, should they attend the program?
Their day might include an Academic Block, Community Service Block, Reflection Block, Skill Building Block, Goal Setting Block, and Behavior/Safety Plan Creation Block.

How will the Skill Building Block work?
The Viceroy (Suspension Avoidance) Program Teacher will coordinate with outside experts. For example, a student that struggles with regulation might work with a social worker, while a student that struggles with addiction might work with a substance abuse expert.

How many staff will be assigned to the program?
A teacher will lead the program, and ancillary staff will float in to support the teacher to ensure that there are no more than five students per staff member.

What else?
The lead teacher will be empowered to put systems and structures in-place that ensure success. The teaching position has been posted, and the hiring of this teacher is paramount to the success of the program.