Injury Procedure & Forms

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. Accident and injury prevention is our main goal, but if you are injured on the job, we want to make sure you receive the care needed to ensure a full recovery.  


  • Employee reports accident to supervisor or designated office staff immediately.
  • If injury is severe, call 911 or transport employee to Sturgis Hospital E.R. ASAP and contact HR.
  • If injury is not urgent, contact HR to schedule the appointment at Dr. Amaria’s office.
  • Employee MUST take signed Authorization to treat form with them to the scheduled appointment. This document will be provided by HR.
  • A COMPLETE DETAILED Employee’s Report of Injury is filled out ASAP by the injured employee. The Supervisor or designated office staff immediately emails/faxes the completed employee report forms to HR.
  • A COMPLETED DETAILED Supervisor’s report is emailed/ faxed to HR within 24 hours of the incident.
  • After the initial treatment, a doctor’s note with diagnosis and activity report will be faxed to HR by treating physician.
  • Employee should not start working until the release to work form is verified by Principal/Supervisor.
  • Sturgis PM Care and/or Dr. Amaria’s office will work with our workers compensation claim representative to ensure quality of care and approve future visits and prescribed treatments, including physical therapy, diagnostic tests and specialist referrals. (Initial Authorization to Treat Form is only for the initial treatment)
  • HR will work with employee’s supervisor on restricted work options if applicable.

***Per legislation, all injured employees with a workers’ compensation claim are required to seek treatment by the district-approved medical provider for the first 28 days of medical care. After the 28 days, you may seek medical treatment from your own physician (pending they are an approved BCBS provider).

Once again Sturgis Public Schools is committed to the safety of all of employees. If you have a safety concern or any ideas for safety improvements, please contact your supervisor immediately.