Built for the Common Core standards, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product that saves teachers time at a fraction of the cost of similar products.  It is a K-8 grade computer adaptive diagnostic test for reading and mathematics that pinpoints a student's needs down to the sub-skill level.  
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What does all of that mean?
 It's a program chosen by the District (not the State) to test and measure how students are doing relative to the Common Core skills being taught.  Students are tested three times per year (beginning, middle, and end!)  So teachers and parents can quickly see where a child needs more work and where they are excelling. is ADAPTIVE!  That means when the student is testing, the questions will change and "adapt" to the skill level of each individual student, reinforcing skills needed by all, but also seeing how far a student can go to let them shine.   Students are given individual "growth goals" to achieve throughout the year.

Reports are easily generated at detailed levels so teachers can easily spot where each student needs a little more work.  

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