Purchase Policy


The Board of Education recognizes its position as a major purchaser in this community, and while it is the intention of the Board to purchase materials and supplies of quality at the lowest possible cost through widespread competition, if all other considerations are equal, the Board prefers to purchase within the District from established local merchants.

When the purchase of, and contract for, single items of supplies, materials, or equipment exceeds the amount designated by statute, the Superintendent shall obtain competitive bids.

Bids shall be sealed and shall be opened by the Superintendent and/or Business Manager in the presence of at least one (1) witness. Bids shall be awarded on the following criteria:

A. the quality of the item(s) to be supplied;

B. its conformity with specifications;

C. suitability to the requirements of the District;

D. delivery terms;

E. past performance of the vendor;

F. local vendors;

G. price.

The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The Board shall be informed of the terms and conditions of all competitive bids and shall award contracts as a consequence of such bids.

The Superintendent is authorized to purchase all items within budget allocations.

The Board should be advised, for prior approval, of all major purchases of equipment, materials, and services when the purchase was not contemplated during the budgeting process.

The Superintendent is authorized to make emergency purchases, without prior approval, of those goods and/or services needed to keep the schools in operation. Such purchases shall be brought to the Board's attention at the next regular meeting.

In the interests of economy, fairness, and efficiency in its business dealings, the Board requires that:

A. items commonly used in the various schools or units thereof, be standardized whenever consistency with educational goals can be maintained;

B. opportunity be provided to as many responsible suppliers as possible to do business with the School District;

C. a prompt and courteous reception, insofar as conditions permit, be given to all who call on legitimate business matters;

D. where the requisitioner has recommended a supplier, the Business Manager may select an alternate supplier if, in his/her judgment, better service, delivery, economy, or utility can be achieved by changing the proposed order;

E. upon the placement of a purchase order, the Business Manager shall commit the expenditure against a specific line item to guard against the creation of liabilities in excess of appropriations.

The Superintendent shall determine the amount of purchase which shall be allowed without a properly signed purchase order. Employees may be held personally responsible for anything purchased without proper authorization.

The Board may acquire equipment as defined in law by lease, by installment payments, by entering into lease-purchase agreements, or by lease with an option to purchase, provided the contract sets forth the terms of such a purchase.

M.C.L.A. 380.1267, 380.1274 et seq.