K-8 Attendance at Athletic Events
New Guidelines for K-8 Attendance at SPS Athletic Events
Posted on 11/20/2018

Attention K-8 students and parents,

With safety and security in mind, a decision has been made to put guidelines on the attendance of K-8 students at SPS athletic events. The following guidelines are to be effective immediately:

• K-8 students must be accompanied by an adult when attending SPS athletic events.

• The adult must remain at the event with the student(s) they are accompanying. If the adult leaves, the student must leave with them. Any unaccompanied student will be removed from the venue.

• Students must sit in the bleachers unless going to the restroom or concession stand.

• Any rude/rowdy behavior by a student will result in dismissal from the event.

Additionally, any student that is removed from an event will be banned from attending future events. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Department at (269) 659-1535.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!