Meet the Teacher

Welcome! Jenks, Wendy My name is Wendy Jenks and I am honored to have the privilege of spending my days with your BeKindergarten child. I am veteran teacher with many years of experience, but also a mother who has had the opportunity to create a learning experience for your child that I would want for my own.

There are some core beliefs that I have as a teacher. The first is that I firmly believe that every child is kind, smart, and important and I look forward to working together with you to further develop your child’s strengths as well as work towards goals that we set together.

Working together as a team requires open lines of communication. I will communicate with you through newsletters, email, phone calls, and much more. You can easily reach me by phone, email, our class Facebook page, or in person.  I am on the playground each morning for drop off, and at the end of the day at pickup time if you want to have a quick conversation or we can schedule a time to talk.

I believe that each student is deserving of individual attention and a learning experience that meets his/her needs. That individual attention is focused on helping to develop your child socially, emotionally, and academically. I have standards that I work with to ensure that your child is ready for Kindergarten, but I will educate your child in all areas that he/she is developmentally ready to achieve. While I push for excellence, I also take care to make sure that no matter what level your child attains this year, that his/her growth is acknowledged and celebrated.

Finally, I believe that no teacher will ever be able to teach a student everything he/she will need to know, but if I, and others, can teach your child how to learn, he/she will be successful in life.

Once again, I thank you for the privilege of spending my days with your child and for the opportunity to help him/her take steps towards a successful future.