2018 Open Enrollment
Prior to submitting online enrollment please review the following:

SPS Business Department Website-Employee Benefits 
To view plan options and premium amounts.
SET SEG/ADN Dental Vision and Options
SET SEG open enrollment forms were sent out on 10/10/17 for your review.  If any changes need to be made to the information listed please use the attached Subscriber Change form request.

If you are currently accepting CIL you may not have an open enrollment option in Skyward. 

If you wish to add health coverage for 2018 you will need to contact me so I can add a master record to your profile. You will also need to complete the attached BCBS enrollment -status change- form and return to HR. 

To continue CIL benefits for 2018 I will need a copy of your insurance card. You can scan and email it to me or copy it and send it in the school mail by the November 10th deadline.

FSA Medical Reimbursement or Dependent Care Reimbursement AccountIf you are new or re enrolling in FLEX for either medical or dependent care you must complete the Basic FLEX participant enrollment form attached.
HSA Health Savings Account (Green plan members only)
There will not be a district contribution to the HSA plans in 2018.
Annual Contribution Maximums:
  • 2 person plans- $6900
  • Family plans-    $6900
  • Single plans-     $3450 
*Catch up contributions for individuals age 55 or older can elect and additional $1000 on top of the plan allowance. IE: 2 person allowance is $6900 +$1000 catch up = $7900 MAX annual.  
If you are switching to the Green HSA plan for 2018 you will need to complete the 5/3 application and the HSA 2018 contribution form and return to HR.

If you are retaining your Green HSA plan for 2018 you will need to complete the HSA 2018 contribution form and return HR.

Skyward online enrollment instructions:
You will need to log into your Skyward profile as you do to view your pay records.
If  you need instructions to log in please follow this link.
  • Log into Skyward 
  • Click Online Open Enrollment tab  - Opens to the current coverage
  • Click on Open Enrollment on the left navigation to open up a drop down of your employee group IE: Cert & SUP or EA etc..
  • Click on your employee group - your open enrollment options are now in the main screen
  • Review the the sub plan information that is listed
  • Benefits listed will say RETAIN 
If you are not making any changes Click Submit Coverage Selections to HR (in RED)


  • If you need to change your benefit plan you will need to ADD Coverage on the right side navigation
  • Click desired plan option- click select to continue
  • Click the plan type IE: single, 2 person or family- click select to continue
  • Highlight the plan you are dropping and Click DROP Coverage on the right side navigation
  • Do this for any and all changes to coverage
  • Click Submit Coverage Selections to HR (in RED)

***For HSA Plans you will need to ADD coverage***
  • Select HSA 5/3 account 
  • Select the family or single
  • then enter the ANNUAL amount you will be contributing in 2018
Open enrollment will remain open until November 10.