Wenzel Elementary School

Parent/Student/School Compact


Wenzel Elementary School is committed to creating a nurturing community where ALL can experience success while gaining the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to achieve at the next level of learning.  This mission can only be achieved with the cooperation and effort of all parents, students and school staff.

I will:          I will:
1. Attend school ready to learn.  1.  Show that I care for all students and their differences.
2. Take responsibility for my learning. 2.  Maintain high behavioral and academic expectations for all students.
3. Treat others with consideration and respect all property. 3.  Provide help to parents so they can support student learning. 
   4.  Provide on-going information about student progress.            
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I will:          I will:
1.  See that my child is "on time" and in regular attendance at school. 1Provide a safe environment for all students.   
2.  Work with the staff to make the best decisions for my child. 2.  Encourage positive communication between the teacher, parent and student.
3. Support the school in efforts to maintain proper discipline and respect for others. 3.  Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the school and   their child’s education.
4.Set a good example of respect and learning at home by doing things like reading to my child and letting my child see me read. 4.Provide a positive environment where students enjoy learning.
5.Provide my child with the proper rest and  nutrition necessary to be productive at  school. 
 6.  Work with my child at home to complete and return homework on time.     


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