Patty Rutenbar – Second Grade

This is my 35th year of teaching. Twelve of those years were in Quincy, MI. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Central Michigan University and a Master’s degree in Education from Western Michigan University.
Teaching is a big part of my life! My husband is a high school teacher in Three Rivers. We have two children who are also teachers. Our son Drew teaches 3rd grade at Eastwood this year, while our daughter, Mackenzie, has moved to Houston, Texas to teach 4th grade. We are very excited that they have found jobs in areas that they are very interested in.
 My son married Jessica who is also a teacher at Eastwood. She is the 2nd Mrs. Rutenbar in this district and I proudly share that name with her!  My daughter and her husband Jason Watson (originally from Sturgis) are both teaching in the Houston area. Sure looks like teaching is important to our family!
In 2012 we were blessed with our first grandchild. She is a delight to us and we are happy to have her here in Sturgis near us!
 We are expecting 2 more grandchildren in July of 2014.
I have served on several committees to help our school become a better place for your child to learn. Some of them are school improvement, student assistance team, math curriculum mapping, science curriculum, and report card selection committee.
I also keep the webpage up to date. During the summer I enjoy gardening and I visit Wenzel every few days to pull weeds and water the flowers. If you like to do this too, let me know, I'd love to have company!
I am excited to help your child learn this year. I will use many resources so that your child feels the success needed to continue learning the rest of their lives. We teachers and you as a family will work as a team throughout this year. You are their first teacher and know them better than I do. Please contact me when ever you have a concern or a question.

My email is
To reach my voice mail, call 659-1500, when the voice comes on dial 3608.
If you contact me through email or through the phone voice mail, I'll get back to you as soon as I get a free moment.

Last Modified on March 23, 2014