7th Grade Volleyball 
7th grade Volleyball 2013
Sturgis vs. Coldwater 
Sturgis' 7th grade A team had a rough couple of games on Thursday, October 3rd against Coldwater. The first game wasn't the best game they've played this season, it ended with a score of 5-25. The next game was without a doubt a better game for the team, with a score of 16-25. The last and final game was their best game with a score of 10-15, only losing by five points, the girls played well and never gave up throughout the entire match. Nice job ladies!
Sturgis' 7th grade B team may not have won on Thursday, October 3rd against Coldwater but they sure did play some amazing games. The first game of the night ended with a score of 13-25, the second game was a score of 16-25, and the third game was 14-16.  Good job girls!
Both of the seventh grade teams have made amzing progress since the last time they played Coldwater, not just by looking at the scores but by actually watcing them in action was an amazing change from watcing them play Coldwater two weeks ago. Nice job ladies on this weeks games, you've made amazing progress and you've played great! Good luck next Tuesday girls!
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