7th Grade Volleyball 
                                    Sturgis VS. Lakeview
                           Sturgis A Team had a rough play on last night's game, September 25, 2014, against Lakeview Middle School. On their first game their was a lot of great teamwork and surprising kills. But unfornately they had lost. The score was 25-11. For the A team's second game they were doomed with another loss. Scores were 25-23. Also for the last game they were beaten by Lakeview. Their score for the third game was 15-7. You can get them next time.
                             Sturgis B Team had a wonderful cleansweep of victories on September 25, 2014, against Lakeview Middle School. Their first game was outstanding, the score was 25-10, the next game was 26-24, and the last 15-7. Good job, girls on the wins!!!
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