Sturgis Middle School
Cross Country 2014
Team PIcture

Final story of the Season
 Sadly, this years Cross Country season is over :( This year everyone achieved their goals and beyond.This years Cross Country season has been Great.
   Including one is Meg she broke the 2  mile course with a time 12:09. Then she beat it again with a time of 12:06. So she achieved her goal twice in one year. Another runner is Lane Kimes he was a newby at the beginning of the year and now has managed to get first place in the last race.
   Our team has been amazing. The reason for running is not the races its the knowing you accomplished your goal at the end. Even if your fast or slow you are still running accomplishing your goals on the way.
We are all sad to see the season go, but at least you can look forward to Next years season.
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Jami Myers & Rylie Bundy 


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