In order to receive a diploma and graduate from Sturgis High School, a student must meet the requirements for basic course work, complete a portfolio presentation, and earn the total number of credits required.   Participation in the commencement ceremony is a privilege and will be denied to any student who has not completed all requirements and finished the year in good standing with School staff.

Specific Graduation Requirements are:

English – 4 credits                 (Must include English9,10,11, Speech and a selection Senior Year)
Social Studies – 3
credits     (Must include U.S. History, World History, Government and Economics
Science – 3
credits                (Must include (1) Biology A,B; (.5) Chemistry A; (.5) Physics A; and either                                                 Chem B or Physics B)  Credit for Earth Science is usually earned in 8th grade
Mathematics –4
credits         (Must include Algebra I, Geometry,Algebra II and a credit Senior Year)
Phys. Ed./Health
1 credit    (Must include Physical Education (.5) and Health (.5))
Technology - .5
credit            (Must include Computer Related Technology)
Visual,Performing or            
(Can choose from Fine or Performing Arts, Advanced World Languages,
Applied Arts –1
credit             Vocational or Practical Arts)
Foreign Language – 2
credits  (Must include 2 years of the same language)
FreshmanFocus - .5 credit     
ACT Prep - .5
credit                  Class of 2014 only
Career Pathway/General Electives   
As selected to equal required number of credits for your class
                     2014 = 26.5 credits   2015 = 26 credits   2016 = 25.5 credits   2017 = 24 credits
Online learning experienceof at least 20 hours  (These are actual hours, notcredits)
Successful portfolio presentation