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7th and 8th Grade State Festival Travel Itinierary
Festival Date:  Wednesday, April 23, 2014
5:40 am:  Load trailer, instruments, and other equipment
5:50 am:  Depart for Otsego High School
7:20 am:  Arrive at Otsego High School.  Unload trailer, instruments and equipment
7:30 am:  7th grade warm-up for festival performance
8:00am:  7th grade performance time
8:30 am:  7th grade sight-reading session
9:00 am:  8th grade warm-up for festival performance
9:30 am:  8th grade performance time
10:00 am:  8th grade sight-reading session
11:30 am:  7th and 8th grade load buses and depart for Sturgis MS
12:50 pm:  Arrive at Sturgis MS (Lunch in the band room)

 *Students are expected to be on their best behavior from the time they arrive at the middle school until the time we return.  Students must be in concert uniform for this performance.  If there are any problems with behavior, the student involved will be asked not to perform.  Parents will be contacted immediately.

*Parents are welcome to attend botht he performance and sight-reading session at Otsego High School.

Thank you for your continuing support.

  SIMA has begun their lesson program again this year


Last Modified on April 18, 2014