Sturgis Middle School Girl's Basketball




7th Grade "A" team finished off the season undefeated!! 
7th Grade "B" team finished off the season with only a few lost games. Good Job! 
Sturgis vs Battle Creek Lakeview 
A Team:    
The "A" team won by a score of 31-21.  Madison Pueschel had 13 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.  Sage Groves scored 12 points had 5 steals and dished out 5 assists.  Lilly Rehm scored 4 points and totaled 3 rebounds.  Jimena Garcia scored a basket.  Paige Pattison collected 5 rebounds.  Adara Owsley and Bailey McCullough also played.  The victory gave this team an undefeated season.  Great year ladies!
B Team: 
The "B" team won 19-11.  Taylor Hopkins scored 8 points and had 6 rebounds.  Autumn Lofgren scored 7 points and collected 5 rebounds.  Hope Ogg scored 4 points.  Samantha Haley dished out 3 assists.  Trinity Gabbard, Lexi Airgood, and Alexis Blake all played in the game.    The B" team  was undefeated against all "B" opponents on the season.  Nice season girl's! 
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