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    While we believe it is important to provide parents with the opportunity to request their child's teacher, we also recognize that certain parameters must be in place to guarantee equity for all children. Parents who wish to request teachers for their child at Wall School next year should state your request in writing and with a clear rationale. Deliver your written requests to the Wall School office no later than Friday, May1, 2015. 
    Because there is always a possibility of staff changes in the future, please consider requesting more than one teacher to help us accommodate your request.  
     Parents are cautioned not to rely on hearsay when requesting teacher(s) for their child. If you are unsure and would like to discuss your child's particular needs, please contact the Wall School office at 659-1570 to schedule an appointment with the principal. 
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  • Attention!
     Please have a photo identification available when entering the building to volunteer or to pick up a student. You may be asked to show that. If you ask another family member or friend to pick up your child, please make sure that you have included them on the list of persons authorized, and let them know to bring in their identification, as well.  
    If you do not have photo identification, please come in to the office and we will issue you a permanent pass. Thank you for helping us to create a safe environment for everyone!  
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    If your child is sick or is sent home for illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhea)..... 
    They must be without these symptoms for 24 hours
    before returning to school. Thank you for your help!
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    If your child is sick and has any of the following 
    PLEASE report to the office!
    Head lice, Chicken pox, Encephollitis,  Fifth Disease
    Influenza, Hepatitis,   Impetigo,   Measles,   Meningitis,
    Mono,   Mumps, Whooping cough,
    Ring worm,  Rubella,  Scabies,  Scarlet fever,
    Strep throat, Tuberculosis, Pink eye
    Call attendance line at 659-1579 before 10:00 to record your child's absence. Bring a doctor's excuse or have it faxed to Wall office at 269-659-1589.
               *If your child is out for more than three days the office needs a doctors note!* 
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    We do collect the Box Tops coupons. If you or a family member are saving them, you can send them in to your teacher at any time. Each one gives our school a dime. They really add up fast and we can use that money for anything we need for our building. Clip them and save them someplace all summer long then send them in to school in the fall.
    Thanks for helping us with this.   
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Wall Elementary
702 E. Lafayette St.
Office: 269-659-1570
Attendance: 269-659-1579
Fax: 269-659-1589
Bus Lot: 269-659-1590
Start Bell: 8:30 
Tardy Bell: 9:00
End Bell: 3:57
at 9:30 every THURSDAY
If your child eats breakfast at school they should be at school between 9:10 and 9:25
Breakfast is served in our gym.
Please call the school before 3:30
with dismissal information 
If your child arrives after 9:00....
they are recorded as being absent all AM of that day
 We want to help you avoid truancy issues!
 Change in dismissal?
Please call the office BEFORE 3:30! 
We MUST have verbal confirmation
 a note from parents of any changes!!
 Without your notification.....
your student will either ride the bus
or wait for their grown up as usual. 

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Weather Cancellations,Delays and Emergencies

What is the best way to stay informed of weather related and other emergency cancellations or delays?

1.    Sign up for PowerSchool Announcements!
2.    Listen to local radio. WBET-Sturgis, WTHD-LaGrange, WLKM­-Three Rivers, WKFR, WRKR, WKMI-Kalamazoo
 and Battle Creek.
3.    Check TV Stations. WWMT(CBS)-Kalamazoo, WNDU(NBC)-South Bend, WOOD(NBC)-Grand Rapids, WOTV(ABC)-  Battle Creek, WXSP and CW7 West Michigan for all the latest information.
***If you don't get a phone call when school is cancelled, please check your PowerAnnouncement settings from your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Only those parents that have completed these settings will be called when ever there is a school cancellation or delay.***
Please call 659-1565 if you are not receiving a call.